There is no other option of Nagendra Sir and no one can be when students wish to study SFM. You are the 2nd God for me. No one can replace the respect I have in my heart for you. Thank you Sir! You made me CA.

Respected Nagendra SIr, I like the way u correlate the concept both logically and practically, u made us able to correlate complex problem as practical which helps to understand the situation,Really Sir U are GREAT...............................

Respected Nagendra Sir, First of all I would like to thank you for providing Pen drive video Lectures to us. As I was not able to stay and study in Delhi for face to face batch but your Pen drive lectures helped me a lot and I got exemption. The lecture you delivered is really incredible sir. Your concept is outstanding. Thank You Sir!

I studied SFM from Pen drive video of Nagendra sir. It was so good. I cleared my CA exams. My queries were solved on time. The examples provided in the class are the best.Thanks a lot Sir.

It was my best decision in the whole journey of CA as of now to get classes from CA Nagendra Sah. Though I do not deserve to comment on his teaching as well as on his skill to make other understands his teaching but I would like to express my thought so that other can make their decision. He can not be compared to anyone as his teaching style his the best on both from theoretical as well as practical aspects. He spends a lot of time to the important topic so that students doesnot face further any problem and tries that everyone understand the topic. As I have already told that It was my best decision in whole of my CA Journey. Love u Sir

Before joining SFM classes I had many doubts. Whether I will be able to understand and cope up or not? But now I feel so much relieved my decision was worth.. I do understand things.. as sir makes it easier my providing logic behind everything and easy notes which we can easily relate while preparing for exam.. I am very happy. In short highly recommend..

After joining NS learning SFM becomes so easy to understand before that doubts are uncountable really but sir your logical personality means you not only teaches the chapters like security exchange or derivative or any other but also develops practical knowledge which helps us in getting what actually happens in market And in coming future only practical knowledge will going to work nothing else thanks alot sir for being so dedicated to us

One and only SFM teacher who is most analytical, conceptual and practical based to simplify every complex concept to most simpler and understandable language with proper noting. Personally, I find, NS "Guru" is really down to earth and provide guidance and regular support as a responsible guardian to students. Thanks and I feel myself proud to be associated with NS Learning Point family. "CHOOSE NS LEARNING POINT AS YOUR FINAL DESTINATION FOR MAKING ONE STEP CLOSE TO CA DEGREE"

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning If you dont want to mug up formulas I will definitely suggest for NS learning. Nagendra sir is a reflection of a determination and success. He teaches how SFM revolves around one technique of present value and future value. Hence at the end of class you will be a perfect analyst of techniques and concept . Furthermore it will help in practical life as well.

Really sir feel so proud getting tutor like you who provides logic behind every concept and updates us with stock market too...………………….